<h2>Dairy Machinery</h2> <h2>Dairy Machinery</h2> <h2>Dairy Machinery</h2>
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Larisa, Thessalia

Our company supplies the largest dairy industries in Greece with high quality and endurance machinery.

The machines are made of stainless food suitable for food. Their incomparable quality as well as their durability under difficult conditions according to their defined quality standards, quickly contributed to the increase in sales and our introduction to the demanding food market.
The years of experience and the unparalleled know-how of specialized personnel in milk processing systems as well as the remarkable partnerships of our company with other European firms make us one of the most knowledgeable in the field.

The company also provides the solution for the processing of milk by offering to the Greek market integrated milk processing systems in small or large cheese and dairy units, transforming the production and processing of cheese, yoghurt etc. into a pleasant, relaxed, fast and more efficient process


Installed Units