<h2>Dairy Machinery</h2> <h2>Dairy Machinery</h2> <h2>Dairy Machinery</h2>
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Dairy Machinery - Dairy Equipment - Homogenizers - Laboratory Instruments - Larissa Thessaly - Vasiliou
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Welcome to our page!

Our company is located in Larissa, active in the dairy dairy trade and in the service. Having gained a 35 years experience in this profession and knowing our customers personally, we can meet and meet the demands of our customers. We import our machines from Germany, Italy, Russia and of course we also work with several companies in Greece.

We guarantee you the reliability of our machines as well as technical support.
We are at your disposal for anything you need.

Clients who trusted us:
Kourellas, Nikzas, Hotos,  Korfi, Proikas, Tzafettas, Lykas, Koukakis farm .